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Award wining designer and inventor Gideon Dagan, born in Israel and based in Los Angeles, studied design at the Holon Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from Tel Aviv University.

Best known for his innovative Perpetual Calendar and Timesphere Clock designed for The Museum of Modern Art, Dagan's work is noted for its contemporary, pure minimalist and functional design. Dagan has designed numerous industrial and consumer products including handheld computers, electronic instruments and furniture. Dagan's innovative designs have been recognized in many patents and awards, both in the United States and abroad. Dagan's designs are featured in museums and design stores around the world.


Verizon TechStar Verizon TechStar2 Handheld PC Eco Bench Eco Bench Litter Litter Magazine Table Speaker Assembly Speakers installed Drop-wire Clamp Resuscitation Unit
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